Our Process

  • Careful Detailed Inspection 

  • Document Existing Engraving

  • Instrument is Cleaned

  • Document Existing Measurements and Metal Condition

  • Careful Complete Disassembly

  • Ensure All Soft Solder Gaps & Connections Level/Square

  • Meticulous Dent Removal - (Careful not to stretch or further damage metal)

  • Restoration of Any Decorative Trim (Including casting or machining new pieces)

  • Restoration of Original Engraving

  • Meticulous Re-Assembly

  • Specialty Finishes (sandblasting, polishing, tints)

  • Plating

  • Final Assembly 

  • Play Testing


Bringing new life to an old instrument is our passion at 5 Line. Whether it’s a museum quality work of art instrument, a movie prop, or an affordable way to provide quality musical instruments for your school system, 5 Line is your source. We are meticulous about keeping the original detail... and SOUL of the instrument.  



5 Line Technology 

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